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The reason why nitrate fertilizer is recommended for pome fruit trees such as apple, pear and quince is to prevent calcium deficiency called bitter spot in these fruits. Brown spots with the size of pins and thumbtacks appear on these fruits and these spots progress to the inner part of the fruit. To prevent this, nitrogen fertilizer in the form of nitrate is recommended.
There can be no life on earth without sulphur. Sulfur increases the effect of nitrogen fertilizer on the plant and increases the protein amount of the plants. For example, the amount of gluten in wheat increases, the sedimentation number of the flour increases and the baking quality of the bread increases. In oil crops (sunflower, canola, soybean, olive), the % oil content increases with potassium fertilizer. The storage life of tuber plants (potatoes) is extended. The amount of aroma substances also increases in medicinal-aromatic plants.
The highest amount of sulfur is found in 21% N Ammonium Sulphate fertilizer, which we call sugar fertilizer. This fertilizer contains 24% sulfur (S) and 60% (SO3) as written on its bag. Although sulfur is in the form of sulfate (SO4) in all fertilizers, the amount of sulfur is expressed as SO3 according to TSE.
The plant nutrients in the fertilizers applied to the soil remain available as long as they are not washed away from the soil by faulty irrigation and excessive precipitation and do not move away from the plant root zone and do not form chemical compounds with other nutrients in the soil. In some cases, plant nutrients may be temporarily inaccessible by being retained by soil colloids (such as clay, humus).
In one-year agricultural production, green manure is added to the plants grown in order to add organic matter to the soil between rows during the periods when the field is empty (fallowing, 3-4 months of rest) or in perennial plants (vineyard-olive-fruit growing). (overturning) is called green manure.